Avenue Art House 

Avenue Art House 


Evan Ringuette

Artist / Owner 

I'm an artist from Michigan and I use materials like charcoal, acrylic paint, and colored pencil to create my work. My style can be described as a combination of Surrealism and erotic art but I like to draw or paint landscapes too. I have been doing custom art for over 10 years and instructed classes at an art and entertainment studio in Ann Arbor until 2020. Soon after they closed I moved to the country with my wife and 4 kids. 

In August of 2023 I opened my own studio and gallery - Avenue Art House in the Village of Clinton, MI. near my home in Tecumseh. I enjoy bringing the experience of creating art to people that may have never painted before and provide a social space to be creative. I have a library of beginner level paintings that I can teach anyone to do in about 2 hours. 

The paintings and drawings in my signature style result from years of practice and are sought after by distinguished collectors. I create imagery that provokes thought and entertains the viewer with a dream-like atmosphere where anything is possible. My favorite thing about making art is the sense of freedom it provides and the fun I can have coming up with ideas.

I'm fascinated by how everything has to exist in the mental realm first before it can exist in the physical world. The act of bringing in a vision from this place is just as important as the finished art itself.

"The universe is mental, THE ALL is mind"

- The Kybalian


Below is a selection of my work. 

For collectors, please visit the Gallery.


Looking back on the need to create

I wonder where it comes from

A pencil, some paint

Unlimited potential

Awake and asleep

Freedom and peace

What will I channel? 

What will come to me?

When artwork is finished

It's easy to see

Not like the process

The journey goes deep

A vision from the gods

Or a human impulse

If you deny what's below

You deny what's above 

- Evan Ringuette 


Evan Ringuette