Avenue Art House 

Avenue Art House 


Custom Art by Evan Ringuette 

If you have a special project in mind you can commission me to bring your vision to life. 

Below are examples of my work and the artwork you can have done if accepted. 

Pricing Scale is used to estimate your project. Prices may vary and are subject to change.

Sketch - $0.50 PSI

Drawing - partial detail b&w $1 PSI

Drawing - partial detail color $1.50 PSI

Drawing - full page b&w $2 PSI

Drawing - full page color $4 PSI

Painting - Simplified $.50 PSI

Painting - Low detail $1 PSI

Painting - Medium detail $2 PSI

Painting - High detail $3 PSI

Custom Art Request


Memorialize your loved ones with a painting or charcoal drawing done by hand. 


Have a beautiful nature scene painted. It can be a real location or a fictional place with any natural elements you would like.

Pet Portrait

Get your pets painted! Any animal can be painted or drawn. A great way to remember a pet no longer with us.


Objects can be painted and sealed with a protective finish for indoor or outdoor display. These concrete statues were painted to show the detail of the uniforms. You can see them in person at the Veterans Memorial in Clinton, Michigan. Other things made of wood, metal, glass, or plastic can be painted.


Reproductions of art now in the public domain. 

This is my version of "Lady Godiva" originally painted by John Collier in 1897.

Pin-up / Erotic Art

Get a stylized version of yourself as a pin-up in your favorite lingerie. No need to be shy, artwork like the example shown can be made from a fully clothed reference photo. Perfect for an anniversary gift, Valentine's Day or just to spoil yourself.

Calligraphy Style Portrait

Get a portrait of you and your loved ones in this unique style. 

Labels and Covers

Labels, book covers or album covers.  A digital copy will be provided. You can bring it to a printing service of your choice.

These can labels were made for The Owl in Milan, Michigan. Cocktails to go are now available there.

Landscape / Cityscape

Get your favorite location painted. Natural Landscape, City or other landmark.

Charcoal on wood

Any charcoal drawing on wood panel with stained edges and a protective finish so the charcoal won't smudge. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Indoor or outdoor murals can be painted in a variety of styles to meet your vision. This Mural was painted on the Dairy Bar in Irish Hills, Michigan. 

Evan Ringuette